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SCS System – Lightweight Steel Frame Construction – Information

SCS (Scottsdale Construction Systems) is a construction architecture system that utilizes lightweight steel framing. The key to its innovation lies in utilizing the newest cutting edge technology during each stage of the construction building process. Architectural designs are put into a computer, which sends data to production. The machine precisely cuts and shapes the profile to suit the exact measurement of the contract. Each profile is equipped with service openings to conduct internal installations.

We use steel that has been galvanized in a 275 g/m2 coating class 280 and 350, each with a thickness of 0.75 mm, 1 mm, and 1.2 mm. The profiles are created in sizes of 90 mm and 140 mm. With this diversity, we have the ability to produce 12 different kinds of profiles. The length is always adjusted to the dimensions of the design. Individual components are then assembled at the factory by means of rivets in various systems of prefabricated frames and sized to allow transport to the construction site. In order to eliminate the high investment costs of transportation it is possible to transfer the production machine, and thus the production to the construction site. Wall modules, ceilings, roof trusses, and roof slope planes are already on the site combined with the screws. This organized process allows for the production and assembly of the steel frame of a moderately sized residential building (i.e. 145m2 area) in one week.

Depending on the destination of the building there are different types of plating: OSB, sheet metal, insulating board, sandwich panels, cement bonded boards and others. To finish the facade it is possible to use all available resources. Detailed examples can be found in the architectural details.

With SCS technology it is possible to elevate four storey buildings, with a maximum wall height 6.0 mi 12.0 m span slab – see offer.