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Advantages of SCS

Easy and simple installation

Easy and simple installation reduces the time, and thus the cost of construction. Lightweight components reduce energy cost for cranes. Jobs installation is much easier thanks to the holes cut in the service profiles.

Lightness and Strength

Steel has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials. For two similar buildings lightweight steel frame in relation to the traditional technology is several times lighter, and has the same strength parameters. Lightweight components have an impact on reducing the cost of transport, installation and performance of foundations.

Quality of Construction

Walls built in the SCS are built with an accuracy of 1mm. Maintenance departments, and equal planes are obtained automatically by the precise fit of finished parts. Good quality design allows for quick and easy finishing later. Steel is galvanized, so it resists corrosion. The structure is non-flammable. Insulating the buildings and mineral polystyrene wool creates high thermal parameters. Thermal bridges are minimal. Compared to wood-frame fall problems such as “pull” nails, twisting and bending of structural components, rotting and cracking become obsolete.

Ease of Change – Mobility Design

In light of the fact that the various framing elements are joined together by screws, any modification is easy to make. It’s easy to “move” the entire structure from one place to another. It’s easy to make a change in even the most complex and complicated structures. Changes during construction, such as shifting walls, and modification of doorways are easy to make. Access to the interior of the building installation skeleton is simple. All repairs can be faster, cheaper and cleaner than traditional technology.

Flexibility of Design

The diversity of the manufactured profiles allows to us to optimize the amount of material used for the implementation of the construction and its cost. Buildings made with SCS light metal frame technology can be finished with materials used in traditional technology and make it possible to apply modern layered panels to the facade. Each project is designed for any technology can be easily adapted to the SCS system.

Savings in Labor Costs

Building with SCS lightweight metal frames is much faster compared to the construction of buildings with masonry and wood frame technology. Downtime technology is completely eliminated with this method, e.g. when laying floors, you do not need to build formwork, stemplowań. Internal installation is faster thanks to the prepared service holes.

Attractive Price

Steel prices are less volatile than other building materials. In connection with the preparation of design elements for a specific project, material loss is minimal. All manufactured parts are used in accordance with the design documentation without the need for measuring and cutting.


Manufacturing and assembly processes for the SCS steel frames generate a minimum amount of waste that is 100% biodegradable. Therefore, there is no problem of waste disposal while building.