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Gorzków – Sunny Slope

If you want to live in one of these houses,


Project Description:

Gorzków is a town situated in the Wielicki foothills 5 km south of the center of Wieliczka. Access to Krakow is easily available through several routes, and takes just a few minutes.

The planned investment is for 4 semi-detached houses situated on a picturesque plot of land with a southern exposure overlooking the Beskid Makowski and Wyspowy mountains. All buildings will be built using the modern and green technology of light metal framing. This technology allows for fast, reliable and affordable implementation of the building project. Its main advantage is the significant energy savings for heating. Modern architecture and a beautiful environment makes you feel right at home here.

Land area: about 4 – 5 acres.

Performance Standard:

Buildings constructed with SCS lightweight steel frame modern and environmentally friendly technologies are guaranteed to have a high standard of finish.  All houses are completely finished, except for white assembly, interior doors, tiles, and floor coverings. We want to draw specific attention to the fully developed state and additional elements. The external walls of the house are thickly insulated and covered with plaster noble. The fully distributed internal system—plumbing, electrical, gas and heating—are fully finished. It is possible to install a fireplace; the interior walls are primed and compound. Attic insulation and external walls have been treated with PU polyurethane spray foam, which provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Together with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery from exhaust air in the recuperator (that is installed in each building), energy costs are reduced and comfort is significantly improved. The estate is fenced, and can be accessed by a cobblestone path.

Description of Buildings:

The estate will be built in two types of buildings:

-        ‘BARBARA – 163 m2

-        ‘CECYLIA – 213m2


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