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General information

Quboid buildings are buildings of various use for year-round use. They are used both for residential and commercial purposes. They consist of single or combined modules. The basic feature that distinguishes them is Quboid buildings are mobility. The modules are manufactured and are equipped in the production plant. Their construction is based on a lightweight SCS steel frame and a rigid floor frame. This allows multiple installations of Quboid buildings in different locations depending on the needs.

The baffles of the Quboid modules (floor, external walls, roof) are designed to meet the heat transfer standards required for ordinary dwellings. The permeability coefficients for individual building elements are:

floor U = 0.20 W / m2K

external wall U = 0.24 W / m2K

roof U = 0.20 W / m2K

Thanks to these excellent parameters, the costs of operating Quboid houses are low.

We offer two versions for each type of Quboid house, differing from each other by the type of external façade. The elevations in the Classic version are made of a Cetris board, whereas the elevations in the Economic version are made of a sandwich panel.

Wall construction details in both versions are visible on the attached section drawings. The buildings are completely equipped with all installations, bathroom and kitchen equipment.