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Commercial halls

Hall - roof trusses

Top additions

Curtain walls

Roof trusses

Standard of equipment

Installations and equipment for Quboid houses

Electrical installation:

a light point in each room,

outdoor lighting,

standard sockets in accordance with the standard,

sockets supplying kitchen, bathroom, ventilation and heating equipment,

TV socket,



Electric convector heaters in every room with adequate heating power.

Water and sewage installation:

a sink in the kitchen with a battery,

a sink with a battery in the bathroom,

shower tray, battery,

toilet bowl,

water heater 50 / 80l (depending on the type of building),

external valve for water supply,

drainage of the sewage pipe outside.


Mechanical ventilation in every room, activated by means of air quality sensors.

Additional elements of the building’s equipment:


roof above the entrance,

an entrance platform in the steel grating version,

bathroom cabinet under the sink,

hanging bathroom cabinet


towel hangers and bathroom clothes 2 items,

toilet paper holder,

kitchen cabinets standing and hanging according to specifications,

electric cooker,

under-counter fridge,

PVC windows, two-chamber U <1 W / m2K,

external steel or PVC door with glazing U <1 W / m2K.